What are Warts?

Gaining more and more knowledge about an issue seems most feasible while dealing with a situation. It helps to find a reliable solution to the concern. The problem of warts often can be identified among children and teenagers. Furthermore, it is quite disappointing to know that warts spread very fast. Warts are certain types of growth of the skin that are caused by a virus infection. The virus responsible for this condition is referred as human papillomavirus. This virus enters the body through cracks or scratches and then infects the top layer of the skin. The infection caused by the virus triggers a rapid growth of the skin that is termed as warts

Probable Causes that Trigger This Condition

If a person’s immune system is not so strong, it won’t be able to fight back the virus that causes this problem. This is an extremely infectious disease. Warts can spread by a direct contact with the virus. Different types of warts such as plantar warts, common warts, flat warts, seed warts, peringual warts, filiform warts and genital warts appear on different parts of the body. The most common places to be affected by this infection are hands and feet. One can notice the problem on the knees or elbows as well. In case of plantar warts, generally the bottom of the foot gets affected. Flat warts can be located on face, legs and some other parts. Peringual warts appear around and under the nails.

Preventive measures that can refrain the Virus from Spreading

(a) One should always wear shoes or slippers in the public area, shower areas or around the pool facilities.

(b) It is advisable not to use used towels.

(c) Refrain from making physical contact with a person who already has that problem.

(d) It is best not to share personal items like razor, comb, nail files, nail clippers, clothes etc.

Medical Treatments for Wart Removal

Medical practitioners use cryotherapy to treat warts. They take help of liquid nitrogen to deep freeze the infected tissues. When the water in the cells expands, the infected cells explode and expose the virus to the body’s immune system.

Another treatment procedure is the laser therapy. An intense light source enters the deep layer of the skin and treats the infected tissues by heating them up.

Medical experts undertake a surgical procedure when other treatments do not show any satisfactory results. In this case, they numb the area around the infected zone and cut the infected tissues out.

Home Remedies for Warts Removal

The best way of getting rid of warts is encouraging body’s own immune system or by using Wartrol. The immune system will produce fewer antibodies that can destroy the virus. Sometimes, wart disappears on its own after a certain point of time. So, it will also be good to leave the problem unless it takes a severe form. As broken skins are more vulnerable to this problem, it is best to keep the skin moisturized and soft to prevent this disease. Apart from that, fewer types of ingredients that one can easily find at home are also beneficial for resolving this problem. One can crush and rub garlic on the affected area. Vitamin C is acidic by nature and can help warts go away. A vitamin C tablet can be crushed and mixed with water to make a thick paste. The paste can be applied to the affected zone to see some improvements. Squeezing fresh lemon juice on the warts and covering it with chopped onion can also bring some relief.

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