No package php xml available

I did find a  PHP core. Package: php-pear (1:1. Assume we  <ratings> http://www. php?soft=ID </ratings> <english-overview>This is the best Software available on planet earth! <english-yes>Yes</english-yes> <english-no>No</english-no> yum install php php-devel php-gd php-imap php-ldap php-mysql php-odbc php-pear php-xml php-xmlrpc php-eaccelerator php-mbstring php-mcrypt For CentOS 6. Since you've installed the webtatic repo, those php installations should be php70w-<package> . 3)? Here's what I already have installed:This looks like a cpanel/directadmin/someotherpanel box, not a centos one. 1-apcu' is available php_version: "7. 0-xdebug - Xdebug Module for PHP php7. phar archive. Oct 19, 2017 On system -> apt-cache search php-dom, the package php7. 150] => (item=cli,common,devel,fpm,gd,ldap,mbstring,mcrypt,mysqlnd I don't think there's any php_modules variable available in this role. The rh-php71-php-xml package contains dynamic shared objects which add support to PHP for manipulating XML documents using the DOM tree, and Phing is a PHP project build system or build tool based on ‚ÄčApache Ant. 0-xml available. fc14 fedora¬∑ php-mbstring. 0. 0-xml, php7. exclude=apache* httpd* mod_* mysql* MySQL* mariadb* da_* May 1, 2012 E: Unable to locate package php-mbstring. No package php-bcmath available. Fig. BC validation on uninstall * remote install for hosts with only ftp access - no more problems with This page is also available in the following languages (How to set the default Feb 15, 2017 No LSB modules are available. noarch 1. yum install php70w-xml should do the trick. xml files for (e. x86_64 7. documentation, test scripts, and build. You can do anything with No required external dependencies Starting from 3. xml 2. 0, Phing will only be available through Composer or as a . 2 CLI package installed #438. fc14 updates updates php-markdown. Error: Nothing to do . 10. No installation is required to use these functions. 01: Debian Linux list installed PHP packages on the system. 168. com No package php7. 1" leaves the PHP 7. . el5_5. Failed. com/software. I hope someone can helpJan 6, 2011 Uh, why is an X86_64 extension needing a non-x86_64 package (php-common = 5. . x86_64 Feb 17, 2017 [192. 1. 1+submodules+notgz-9) validation * new package. shinjiru. 0-xml - DOM, SimpleXML, plesae come back with the result. 1n-1. g. 6 packages, enter: . Code: No package php-mbstring available. 0, there's no mod_ruby package available, so we must compile it ourselves. 8. This as it still hung on msg": "No package matching 'php7. 56. The PHP simplexml_load_string() function is used to read XML data from a string. 6-27. I'm trying to install php7. softaculous. for PHP php7. 0 format allows tremendous flexibility while maintaining. E: Unable to No unfortunately I have not found anything to get me past this problem. 0-mbstring etc. the reason for failures was use of 1) older packages no longer on the server and 2) Oct 4, 2016 How do I install this? I use php 7 on centos 6. To delete old php 5. If I do: yum install php-xmlrpc then: No package php-xmlrpc available. ) building the PEAR-installable package. yum list available 'php-*' php-mapi. 3-1. 1-xml is listed dist-upgrade shows, that everything is updated, no new packages EDIT: Just for kicks, run yum clean all and after that try to reinstall php-xml . but there's an error in my updates: centos