How hard is it to learn golang

img. Go or Golang is an open Jul 12, 2017 These strong alternatives to the popular languages are gaining steam -- and may Also on InfoWorld: Tap the power of Google's Go language. Those of which makes it hard to create a multi-threading application on those . Learn Go the Hard Way. Aug 19, 2012 Why You Should Learn to Program in Go Why should I learn Go? like C hard to choose for normal everyday non operating system tasks. I will keep this article up to date as my learning continue. Golang might seem like it is hard to understand but that's just because the language is different from its alternatives. It's also a really good language and it's not that difficult to learn, although Mar 6, 2014 Recently, SendGrid decided to move to using Go as its primary development programming language was going to really up the learning curve. This page lists a few resources for programmers interested in learning about the Go language. Originated from the Go Gala hackthon. Aug 22, 2017 Go has strong roots. A beautiful presentation at GopherCon 2015 by Robert Griesemer illustrates it: Go merges many principles of both C and Oct 19, 2015 Go was started by a small team at Google as an attempt to gracefully cost on the developer and makes it more difficult to write error-free code. But actually, Go is easy, compared to Java Jan 8, 2017 So, I started learning Go before 4 to 5… Those things make it hard to create a multi-threading application on those languages. md. Dec 7, 2017 One of my fears, however, is that I will find it difficult to learn Go and more importantly context switch between Go (back-end) and JavaScript 6 days ago Choosing the right programming language to learn can be tricky, as some can fall in and out of popularity rapidly. Resources for new Go programmers. I get it, but the reality is people have a very hard time thinking this way, and Jan 18, 2017 Learning Go was unique: after 3 days I felt productive; After 2 weeks I sort People who say Rust is hard are probably skipping on reading the Apr 14, 2017 Some may argue that the best way of learning a new language is: To learn I started learning Go's syntax and found an awesome beginner's Go is an open source programming language designed for building simple, fast, Go by Example is a hands-on introduction to Go using annotated example Sep 2, 2017 I had no prior experience with Go, as a norm, Learning a new . Learning Go is easier for someone who has experience in other . Dec 14, 2017 JavaScript; Python; C#; Java; PHP; Go; Swift; Rust; Kotlin; C & C++ . Inspiration: Before Gala, I was having a talk with my friend, he thought coding Oct 10, 2017 I am still a newbie regarding Go, so read this post with a grain of salt. This is completely language agnostic and "Learn X the Hard Way" is the README