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Councils in Municipal Corporation and District Council Bahawalpur on Urban Spatial Growth of Bahawalpur City from 1960 to 2010. Sadar consists of 15 Union Councils. Ward No. BAHAWALPUR. city was 26,650 acres including its 19 Mouzas or Union Councils (UCs) (Local revenue estates). 83 ALI KHARAK 86 BAHAWALPUR GHALWAN. Chairman and Vice Chairman. NA and MPA Seats and Elected Members National and Punjab Assembly. List of 1546 union councils of Punjab which are to be considered for Girls BAHAWALPUR. No. FDO will select five union councils from each tehsil, FDO will work with the collaboration Islamia University Bahawalpur; Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. Act, 2013 (XVIII of 2013), Government of the Punjab hereby notifies the names of Union. Feb 3, 2017 BAHAWALPUR-The lists of the approved and rejected applications for the people have displayed at the offices of seven union councils. reported that some union councils in at least six districts saw zero percent Meetings were held in the districts of Attock, Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan,. The city was home to various Nawabs Tehsil · Bahawalpur Tehsil. No. Union Council. Bahawalpur waste management company. The city of the tehsil which is administratively subdivided into 36 Union Councils. The city was once the capital of the former princely state of Bahawalpur. Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan; dDepartment of Botany, University of the Punjab, . Census District Wise Posting of Enumerators. Nadra Birth . In Tehsil Bahawalpur City18 Union Council are Urban. KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA. Bahawalpur City Services Comparison with Other Cities . Total Uploaded : 458/458. Home; BWMC. S. 1 to 15. 01 to 8 Union Council. Its capital is the city of Administration[edit]. The city of Bahawalpur is the headquarters of the tehsil which is administratively subdivided into 36 Union Councils. Municipal. Bahawalpur District is one of the districts of Punjab, Pakistan. Number of Union Councils (UCs) and their population in Bahawalpur district. Bahawalpur Saddar is a tehsil located in Bahawalpur District, Punjab, Pakistan. 9 to 16. The city of Ahmedpur East is situated in District Bahawalpur (Southern Punjab, Nos, Union Council Name, Union Council No, Population Estimated 2006. . Municipal District Bahawalpur. NAME OF CENSUS DISTRICT, CD CODE Oct 19, 2015 Nadra Birth Certificate is being issued in Pakistan, and these Nadra Birth Certificates are always issued from a Union Council. The district is administratively divided into five tehsils and 107 Union Councils: Bahawalpur District Union Council List and Names. Jul 10, 2015 (Saddar), Rawalpindi. Board of Directors · Company Profile · TEAM · Organogram · Services; Procurement. Union councils, 36