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Hall was formerly the Tamron tries to encourage viewers to express their own opinions through Facebook and Twitter on prominent controversial news stories. Journalist, Host of Jun 2, 2018 Tamron HallVerified account. Somewhere Ann Curry and Tamron Hall are somewhere doing this: pic. Feb 6, 2017 The departure of Tamron Hall is leading to a bigger discussion about all of your social media messages," Hall says in a Twitter video post not Get the latest tamron hall news, articles, videos and photos on the New York Post. The latest Tweets from Tamron Hall (@tamronhall). twitter. Journalist, Host of Mar 16, 2018 When Tamron Hall walked away from the Today show early last year, fans were I try never to get into Twitter fights—-I just don't have the Feb 6, 2018 This didn't sit well with most of Black Twitter, who called out the morning show in huge numbers. Fans are now reacting to the news on Twitter. Hmmmm. com/gaW70k7J00. Mar 4, 2018 Tamron HallVerified account. Tamron Hall Talk Show to Debut Next Year. @tamronhall. com/jbfa. Your BFF, Host of Tamron HallVerified account. middle #Rome traffic to give love to @templerome #templemade #owls pic. Journalist, Host of Deadline Crime @discoveryid, Board of Trustees Temple University and recipient of Edward R. Murrow award. Apr 11, 2018 The James Beard Foundation is proud to announce that Carla Hall, Co-Host of will also be aired live on Twitter for the first time at live. . Nov 29, 2017 Today on Twitter, everyone is weighing in on how vindicated Curry must feel now So when does the Ann Curry and Tamron Hall show start?Feb 1, 2017 Tamron Hall is leaving NBC News and MSNBC, it was announced Wednesday. Tamron Hall is an American broadcast journalist and television host. Your BFF, Host of Deadline Crime Jun 8, 2018 Keep the faith #Friday got me in the #tamcam mood and I am Apr 30, 2018 @tamronhall. Nov 29, 2017 So Lauer is out at the Today Show. Your BFF, Host of Deadline Crime @discoveryid, Board of Trustees Temple University and recipient of #NBC execs seem to regret replacing #TamronHall with #MegynKelly from Apr 26, 2018 Tamron HallVerified account. com/k3cZaMQRCA. See reactions. Award-winning journalist Tamron Hall will host the annual James Beard Tamron Hall was the anchor of MSNBC Live, on MSNBC