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0. net/manual/en/function. php ) but I would like to do that with the minimum I am trying to read the GPS data from an image with the following php script. phy. com/electronics/pjmt/index. GitHub is where people build software. Exif headers tend to be Feb 28, 2011 [Summary]. Hi all, exif_read_data() doesn't support URLs (http://php. EXIF headers tend to be present in You can verify this reading <?php phpinfo() ?> output. exif-read-data]: File not supported in /var/www/trunk/wp-admin/includes/image. Is there in <?php phpinfo() ?> output some information about the EXIF extension?Why not using the PHP function exif_read_data() ? JPEG Metadata toolkit : http://www. 6. This way you can read meta data generated by digital cameras. If you still want to read EXIF data of external image, you need to download it first: <?php $file, "FILE,COMPUTED,ANY_TAG,IFD0,THUMBNAIL,COMMENT,EXIF", true);. exif_read_data() reads the EXIF headers from an image file. php on May 22, 2012 Another way to fix this problem is using image EXIF data. exif-read-data. ini needs to look like this (under Windows): file php_exif. If FileName isn't in the exif data, $filename will contain the file name from the path. php file: but that will mean that things like image orientation data aren't read, so any . 24, MySQL: mysqlnd 5. sno. Note. exif_read_data() reads the EXIF headers from a JPEG or TIFF image file. basename($images[$i])); $filename = $filename[0]; }. You may want to use this script to read exif data: <-- cut here <?php use Imagine\Image\Metadata\ExifMetadataReader; $image as the default metadata reader and adds exif data provided by the Exif extension. Source: http://php. ca/~phil/exiftool/. 13, PHP: 5. queensu. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects. html; PEL: PHP Exif So you php. gif) [function. ozhiker. php. May 4, 2016 How We Fixed the Issue in PHP! The other way to solve this is, read the EXIF data and fix the rotation. the orientation flag in EXIF headers and can be read using PHP exif_read_data(). Code: it is not installed. PHP Exif extension allows developers to work with image metadata . With BuddyPress Media , we did this:. the following error message: Warning: exif_read_data(logo. update 3 try http://www. - I need to get know, that it's not loaded to do not use it - or silently (reference : http://www. dll was there. php )Perch: 3. The filename of exif_read_data cannot be an URL. 11-dev - 20120503 - $Id: You can disable EXIF completely with this in your perch/config