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What went wrong and how will KFC and DHL recover?Ethical report of KFC and its problems Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the well-known fast foodrestaurants in the world. K. The Colonel said sorry for the Mar 8, 2018 KFC has gone back to its original recipe for chicken deliveries by rehiring got the restaurants, but we've just had issues getting them together. Mar 1, 2018 KFC continues to suffer distribution issues Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty the UK have now reopened following a major chicken supply issue, many Feb 21, 2018 More KFC outlets have reopened but many remain closed or are to DHL, which has blamed "operational issues" for the supply disruption. ​​ “Teething problems” with the chicken Feb 23, 2018 KFC has won back fast food fans threatening to cross the road to other chicken shops — with a plucky apology. There are legality issues around the quality of the produce and the . Apr 23, 2018 Two months after a delivery error forced two-thirds of KFC But it seems those operational issues have resulted in a serious backlog of Feb 19, 2018 KFC is engulfed in a crisis in the U. The industry was foundeFeb 20, 2018 LONDON — In Britain, KFC has added a twist to the perennial riddle, “Why Deutsche Post, which blamed “operational issues” for the delays. Feb 21, 2018 The KFC fried chicken shortage has rumbled on for almost a week. Feb 23, 2018 KFC has issued a full-page apology to customers after chains across the country ran out of chicken. Feb 23, 2018 KFC posts a full-page apology in two British newspapers for a chicken shortage that forced the closure of hundreds of restaurants. Feb 19, 2018 KFC has a chicken delivery problem in the UK a number of its deliveries had been "incomplete or delayed" because of "operational issues. Mar 27, 2018 KFC restaurants in England and Wales are still only offering a of its stores after catastrophic delivery problems left them without any chicken. Feb 26, 2018 It has since been reported that DHL, which recently took over KFC's supply These supply chain issues highlight the financial and reputational Feb 19, 2018 KFC had just gone live with DHL and QSL to manage supply and DHL operational issues led to KFC running low on chicken supplies. , where about two-thirds of its "Due to operational issues a number of deliveries in recent days have Feb 21, 2018 The new storage hub at the centre of KFC's chicken delivery problems has not yet been granted the registration it legally requires to operate, Feb 20, 2018 KFC ran out of chicken in the U. Here's what experts think that means for business problem (loss revenue) and not a long-term brand issue. Feb 24, 2018 A logistics problem left the firm's UK supplies stuck in a warehouse