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Who knows, you might Apr 4, 2018 Now she's been handed her very own spin-off, Cunk on Britain. Brush Strokes is a British television sitcom, broadcast on BBC television from 1986 to 1991. Apr 4, 2018 Cunk on Britain is co-written with Ben Caudell, Jason Hazeley and Joel . 39. Apr 25, 2018 IN EPISODE FOUR of Cunk on Britain, Philomena Cunk goes to war - but not before watching 80's British sitcom Brush Strokes. 123456789100 . Along with the sitcom Brush strokes, which makes several lengthy and baffling cameos throughout Apr 12, 2018 IN EPISODE TWO of Cunk on Britain, Philomena Cunk speculates that Sir And eighties TV sitcom Brush Strokes makes another appearance. . Apr 10, 2018 The second installment of the BBC "Cunk on Britain" series is up, and what's Cunk's problem with the 80s British sitcom 'Brushstrokes'?I know Philomena Cunk is a character Diane Morgan plays, but I think it goes As an American, I'm trying to figure out the Brushstrokes thing. Performed by Dexys Midnight Runners Theme song to Brush Strokes. Apr 4, 2018 Comedy genius Diane Morgan's incredible eye-rolling creation came out with some killer lines - here they are The first episode of Cunk on Apr 3, 2018 Cunk on Britain review: Diane Morgan and Charlie Brooker's spoof is (who “beat the English using face-paint, and extreme whittling”). “They were going to have a posh Philomena Cunk,” admits Morgan. Rate This. May 1, 2018 Diane Morgan: “Philomena Cunk is who I'd love to be if I had the balls” her brilliant BBC alter ego ahead of new BBC series Cunk on Britain. Apr 4, 2018 Author Topic: Cunk on Britain [split topic] (Read 7155 times) along, and as I'm a sucker for idiocy I enjoyed seeing the Brush Strokes credits. 9/10. a pair of murderous psychopaths. Mar 31, 2018 All of this plus a disturbing obsession with Karl Howman in Brush Strokes makes Cunk on Britain essential viewing. "Britain stands at a fork in its cross roads," intoned presenter Philomena Cunk, against an Mar 23, 2018 The success of Cunk as a character is not thanks to her general persona as an ill-informed pundit, but her bizarre turns of phrase. programmes play almost the entire opening sequence of the 1980s sitcom Brush Strokes. Apr 9, 2018 Cunk On Britain The Empire Strikes Back . 6. of quality - the extended clip of the opening Brush Strokes sequence Apr 3, 2018 Cunk on Britain - TV preview by Steve Bennett. May 18, 2018 Spoof investigative documentary presenter Philomena Cunk (Diane Morgan) is to sausages, from evolutionary psychology to Brush Strokes. 25 Apr 2018. Comedy Soundtracks · Cunk on Britain (2018). Brush Strokes is also repeatedly referred to as a running joke in Diane Morgan's 2018 show, Cunk On Britain. Apr 3, 2018 In the meantime, we have Cunk on Britain (BBC Two)